Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dissecting Ride Offers

Within hours of posting my Craigslist Ad I got a response from "" the body of which said "Wow - You Suck."  At first I was disheartened, but this only reaffirmed my need to get the fuck out of New England.

A few started rolling in the next day.  I received a ride offer to Portland, Maine, one to Halifax, Nova Scotia... both of which sound really nice, but as I was considering those two fell into my lap.

A ride all the way out to Fairbanks, Alaska was offered by a guy named CJ.  How can I turn that down?

My friend Mike has also told me that he's going to California in mid-July.  Which ever ride leaves first is the ride I'm taking.  Hopefully it's less than two weeks until blast-off.

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